ailemon blog went through the second year

With the coming of the new year, we were older than before. The AI​​Lemon blog, accompanied by everyone and me, passed the second year. In new year, I also become a student who is about to graduate. Like everyone else, from the beginning of school, with a dream of future, to a person who has learned some knowledge, has expertise in technology, and has insights into society. Looking back on the past year, look at our progress of the past year, the knowledge we have learned, the things we have done, we will know whether we are satisfied with our performance during this time.

In 2018, I opened the WeChat public account, the QQ group, and the English version of the blog site. Then I felt that I seemed to be like a self-media, but the original intention of my blog was not changed. It is to promote self-learning and progress, and to share computer science and technology knowledge with you.


Behind my maintenance and update blog, there are many stories that you may not know.

In the first three months or so, in order to save costs, my blog is hosted on a free website space, so there is only the cheap domain name cost. However, the good times did not last long. After three months, the stability of the website suddenly dropped. Finally, it was almost in an unusable state. We judged that it was caused by the restriction of free website space. So, my blog opened the first time process of website migration. Then, for the sake of maintenance costs, the blog was moved to a friend’s server, until today.

Later, the website was also migrated many times, mainly because of the website could not be accessed normally due to various reasons, basically because the service provider failed their network equipment. And their service high availability is insufficient, the frequency of failures and the length of failure duration have a great impact on normal use. As the number of visits to the blog is gradually increasing, the impact of the failure has become increasingly prominent, and finally we decided to migrate again. Now, the new server providers used by blogs have not had any operation or maintenance accidents since the last migration. Of course, I hope this sentence is not a incantation, I hope cloud service providers have high quality services.

In the process of blog migration, we found a problem, that is, the problem of blog images. Each time you migrate, the blog’s image resources are a hassle. When you can use mirroring for direct migration, it’s fine. If you don’t use mirroring, and you don’t use docker technology, you will feel very uncomfortable when migrating. The more articles, the more uncomfortable. Therefore, I have recently considered the problem of the images repository. In this case, all the pictures use the external link. When migrating, you only need to use the WordPress backup and export function. You can export all the article data. Therefore, for those who plan to create blogs and just create blogs, and there are not many articles, I have a suggestion to design a blog images repository in advance, so that in case of future migration, it is too convenient.

Time is coming to 2019. In the new year, I will continue to share the knowledge I have learned and the latest information I see in the frontier with you who love technology. Welcome everyone to follow me on Twitter and leave your comments in the comment area of the blog.


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