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The power of science and technology is the magic weapon for China to fight the epidemic

Abstract: In 2020, we were attacked by the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. Fortunately, high-tech has provided China with the most advanced and powerful weapons in fighting the epidemic. This is our magic weapon to defeat the epidemic. Including the epidemic, mankind’s victory over major emergencies such as catastrophes and epidemics cannot be separated from scientific development and technological innovation.

Keywords: science and technology; anti-epidemic; crisis events

1. Introduction

In 2020, our entire world has been hit by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Whether it is China, where the epidemic was first discovered, or other countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the United States, many measures and countermeasures have been adopted to combat the epidemic. Human beings have been fighting various diseases since ancient times, but what is different today is that we have the power of technology. When China is fighting the epidemic, from clinical diagnosis and treatment, vaccine research and development, to community prevention and control, in all links, China’s scientific and technological forces in the fight against the epidemic have demonstrated vividly at this moment. High and new technology has provided China with the most advanced weapons in the fight against the “epidemic”. The combination of Chinese spirit and high technology is the magic weapon for us to overcome the “epidemic”.

Since ancient times, China has experienced a lot of big winds and waves. As Chinese old saying, foreign aggression often awakens a nation from its slumbers and thus helps make it strong. Our Chinese nation has overcome many major crises and disasters with wisdom and formed what we call the Chinese spirit. In ancient times, there was Dayu, who used scientific methods to manage water disasters through reasonable dredging and was praised by posterity. In modern times, in 1910 Northeast China of the Qing Dynasty, Shi Zhaoji and Wu Liande used scientific epidemic prevention work and methods to make the black death plague was controlled [1], which had been widely spread in Europe for 6 years and caused the European population to decrease by one third. During the Wenchuan earthquake, satellite and aerial remote sensing technology provided critical geographic information for disaster relief at the first time, while helicopters and transport planes ensured that rescuers and materials could be delivered to the disaster relief site in a timely manner. In the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic that began at the end of 2019, the power of science and technology is still our only magic weapon to overcome disasters, and a powerful weapon for us to win.

2. Medical technology is the first weapon in the fight against the epidemic

At the beginning of the outbreak, relevant professionals in China were able to quickly determine that this was a pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus, and the nucleic acid sequence of the relevant virus sample was extracted very early [2]. During the SARS SARS period in 2003, we made a big mistake. At that time, we thought it was a kind of chlamydia. Later, scientists in Hong Kong of China discovered that it was wrong, but it was actually a coronavirus. Compared with 2003 and today in 2020, our technological progress and leadership are no longer the same. With these basic judgments and information, we will provide a very important basis for our next scientific epidemic prevention work and the adoption of scientific treatment methods.

Not only can we quickly make judgments about diseases and obtain their nucleic acid sequences, our rapid nucleic acid detection capabilities are also an important manifestation of China’s strong medical technology and industrial manufacturing capabilities. China’s medical technology has determined that it can develop technologies that can quickly complete nucleic acid detection, reducing the time required for detection to the shortest, not only from a few hours to 15 minutes, and even mixed detection, not only detecting the new coronavirus, but also simultaneously detecting Other viruses such as influenza.

We are now in a relatively active position in the fight against the epidemic. This is very different from 17 years ago. At that time, we may have to rely on others, have gone through a big detour, and have no experience in the treatment of such diseases. Now we are scientifically deploying and implementing scientific policies to block the spread of the virus through epidemic prevention work to prevent more people from infecting, and medical personnel across the country are rushing to help Hubei to treat all patients to prevent mild patients from developing into severe ones, and then we can concentrate our efforts Treatment of severe and critically ill patients. Our multi-pronged measures finally succeeded.

3. Medical robotics technology

In this fight against the epidemic, medical robots with various functions have played an important role [3]. The disinfection robot can be used to improve the efficiency of disinfection in hospital wards and other places, and the machine moves around to disinfect, which greatly reduces the probability of cross-infection of medical staff, and can also put as much manpower as possible into more important places. There is such a disinfection robot in a hospital in Wuhan. It can disinfect autonomously along a certain path and avoid obstacles autonomously. When disinfecting, it will turn on the ultraviolet light and air filter device on the body, and spray from the top. A mist of hydrogen peroxide disinfectant. The traditional manual disinfection takes about 6 hours, while the robot only takes 2 hours.

Not only disinfection robots, but also temperature-measuring robots for measuring body temperature are also showing their talents in the fight against the epidemic. The use of temperature measuring robots for daily patrols in a square in Guangzhou City has reduced the temperature measurement and epidemic prevention work that originally required five security guards to one security guard. Not only reduces the manpower input, but because it avoids close contact with others, the security protection of the security is also guaranteed. The robot can accurately measure the temperature of the head area of ​​up to 10 people at the same time within five meters. It can also identify pedestrians without masks. After the robot is deployed, there is no need for human intervention. Once an abnormality is detected, it will immediately sound an alarm at the scene and notify the management personnel.

The delivery robot is used for scenes and tasks such as food delivery, medicine delivery, and recovery of bedclothes and medical waste, avoiding close contact between other personnel and patients. Such robots can work autonomously. People only need to draw maps, plan routes, and simulate tests.

These medical robots have played a vital role in our epidemic prevention work, avoiding close contact with patients and cross-infection.

4. Intelligent voice technology

Intelligent voice technology also played an important role this time. Discharged patients need to do some follow-up, through the phone call out to find out, to track their subsequent health status. The traditional way staff make calls manually is inefficient, and the labor cost is high. Telephone robot technology based on intelligent voice technology solves this problem. During the epidemic, HKUST iFlytek provided the headquarters with automatic outbound calls. In just one or two hours, tens of thousands of calls can be made at the same time, and the data will be automatically sorted to automatically screen out high-risk patients. , Greatly improving the efficiency of epidemic prevention [4]. During the entire epidemic in the country, more than 30 million phone calls were made, and at the same time, it was automatically sorted and screened, and inpatients were arranged to go to an isolation point for isolation. Patients conduct self-examinations every day, describe their symptoms and enter the system to do statistics. If there is a relapse, the doctor can know for the first time. If they haven’t report their health, telephone robot will call in to remind them.

Some companies have been exposed by CCTV’s 3.15 party in 2019 because of the abuse of telephone robot technology, which led to a large number of harassment of calls. However, technology is a double-edged sword. This epidemic has shown us the application of telephone robot technology in the field , and what kind of positive influence and positive meaning it will have on society.

5. health QR code

In this epidemic prevention and control work, we in China proposed the concept of personal health information QR codes, and established national standards through the State Administration for Market Regulation [5]. The health code is based on real data, and the relevant personnel can generate personal QR codes through online declarations, which can be used as electronic vouchers for local peers, making the resumption of work and production more accurate, scientific and orderly. Health codes are generally divided into 3 colors. The green code can travel directly, the red code needs to be isolated for 14 days, and the yellow code needs to be isolated for 7 days, and gradually realize the national mutual recognition. Through the health code, we have realized efficient management of the flow of people, improved the efficiency of passing security checks in crowded places such as office buildings, shopping malls, and railway stations, and avoided excessive personnel contact and gathering. Behind this is the two-dimensional code technology that has been very mature in China. In the process of fighting the epidemic, it once again made contributions to our country and society.

6. Remote meetings and online teaching

Due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, a large number of teachers, students and corporate employees cannot resume work and school after the Spring Festival as normal time. Therefore, online teaching and remote meeting services have been widely used during this period. Around the Spring Festival, remote office and conference services such as Tencent Meeting and DingTalk urgently expanded tens of thousands of cloud servers to cope with the surge in online teaching and remote meeting demand caused by the epidemic[6][7]. Behind the emergency expansion of their servers are the reliable cloud computing services of relevant Chinese companies, the construction of a large number of data centers and complete telecommunications infrastructure, the popularization of various electronic equipment, and the prosperity of Internet application services. China’s complete cloud computing and communication infrastructure has made it possible for people to work from home and teach at home during the epidemic, so that they can study and work normally. It has played an important role in our fight against the epidemic and through the crisis together.

7. summary

Science and technology are powerful weapons for mankind to survive in the universe. Only with the innovation of science and technology can mankind be more powerful to overcome catastrophes and epidemics. It can be seen that the scientific and technological achievements that we have made in the past played a vital role in the fight against the epidemic. With the development of science and technology such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things in the future, we will have more means than ever to defeat the enemy in the face of various crises. Because we have knowledge and technology, we no longer fear crises. The power of technology is our magic weapon to overcome crises.


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